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4 Effects of Untreated Depression On Your Life

Everyone experiences sadness in their lives – it’s normal. However, chronic sadness can be a sign of depression or a major depressive mood disorder. If it’s not addressed, it can lead to a long list of unwanted effects. Operine Banton, the counselor at Mandala Counselling of South Surrey, BC, shares just four of these effects below.

1. It Can Impact Your Health

Draining your energy is just one effect. Being depressed can also put you at a higher risk for many illnesses and diseases. For example, it can lead to or be a contributing factor to heart disease and obesity. It makes it difficult to manage conditions like diabetes and is linked to a higher risk for substance abuse.

2. It Makes Relationships Difficult

Depression can make it hard to be social, as you tend to isolate yourself from friends. When you do talk to them, it can be difficult to connect. It can also interfere with intimacy, either due to a lack of interest or issues with performance. It can also cause your loved ones to back off as they feel as though you are pushing them away, or they simply don’t know how to help you.

3. It Makes Sleep Difficult or Unsatisfying

Most people who live with depression have trouble sleeping, but the type of trouble can vary. Some have difficulty falling asleep, while others can’t stay asleep once they get there. There are also those who seem to sleep non-stop but are still exhausted.

4. It Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

Fatigue, a lack of energy, a lack of motivation, or even a lack of caring – all of which can be common effects – can make you avoid even the simplest household chores. It leads to a messy home, which only compounds the guilt and shame that most people with depression suffer from. 

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